Camping in Greece

Greece is actually the perfect country for camping. The weather is always good, especially in the summer. The landscape with beautiful olive groves, the clear blue sea and the mountains are also perfect for a stay in nature. When you think of camping you probably think about France and Italy rather than Greece. However, on a glamping, you don’t have to bring your own tent and camping gear, what gives you the opportunity to travel by plane.

GLamping versus hotel

I have to admit that I am not a fan of camping. It reminds me of family vacations in the Netherlands; lots of rain, awkward fumbling with toilet rolls and not very hygienic shared bathrooms.

Absolutely no vacation that I would reconsider again. You can better give me a stylishly furnished apartment by the sea or a nice luxury hotel with swimming pool. Since we have children, we also like to combine that with fun activities for Nina and Nikolas.

However, Yorgos, my Greek husband, feels very different about this.

All his life he had the best vacations at free campsites on idyllic beaches on the most unknown Greek islands. Lovely in the nature, nothing to do except relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset with a souvlaki in your hand. 

As you probably understood, we are two extremes.

Glamping on The PeleponnesE

When Rik and Katerina invited us to their glamping in Galatas, I thought this was a great idea. Yorgos happy, because he could sleep in a tent again, while being surrounded by nature.

I am happy with my bed, clean (private bathroom) and attractively furnished tent. The children were also cheerful with an almost private swimming pool.

Nina and Nikolas couldn’t be any happier, a tent entirely for them together (of course not more than 2 meters from ours).

The luxury tents are surrounded by olive trees. You are surrounded by the sounds of crickets, sheep and chickens. Here you can completely unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The entire weekend we were able to enjoy the hospitality of Rik and Katerina, the traditional Greek harbor town Galatas and of course our trips to Poros.

The Island of Poros

From Galatas you can reach the island of Poros in a few minutes by ferry or water taxi.

Poros is a quiet and beautiful island with no mass tourism, like for example Athens. The island is mostly covered with pine, olive and lemon trees. The pine trees extend to the beautiful sandy beaches of the island. Poros town is very lively, on the coast you see many neoclassical buildings. When you walk through the narrow alleys, you’ll see white houses and bougainvilleas everywhere. In the town, which is built on the slopes of a hill, are nice, traditional tavernas and kafeneions. There are also many souvenir shops and boutiques.

Are you looking for a fun activity on the island such as a cooking workshop, an organized nature walk, bike rides or water sports? Katerina and Rik can arrange it all for you.

For more information, visit their website

Book your stay on the glamping 

Would you like to spend a few days at the glamping of Rik and Katerina?

To really get into the relaxed rhythm it is good to stay a little longer. From Galatas you can make beautiful trips with a rental car. Within about an hour you will be in the former capital of Greece, Nafplio. The famous theater of Epivros and the archaeological site of Mycaene are also easy to reach.

Book your stay via airbnb or contact Rik and Katerina directly. 

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