Don’t forget to go for shopping when you are visiting Athens! You will find large shopping areas with known chain stores, but also markets for meat and fish, a vegetable- and fruitmarket, local delishops, antique markets and upscale neighborhoods with trendy boutiques.

As a tourist, you are often only in Athens for a few days and it is not easy to find the best shops. Therefore we would like to share a few with you here.

Shopping in Athens around the Varvakeiomarket

  • The Varvakeion market and the streets around it are a paradise for foodies. We also recommend tourists to go there, even if it is just to have a look. You will discover the real Athens strolling over the market, among the locals. Here you can find the best souvenirs such as local herbs, olive soaps, honey and traditional pastrami.
  • Evripidou is our favorite street in this neighborhood, you will find shops selling traditional products.
    Baxar (Evripidou 31) is the most famous herb shop in Athens. They sell a wealth of herbs, dried herbs, legumes, various types of rice, flour and much more. All products are sold from traditional bags that are displayed on the ground. By the look of the store, it’s lovely smell and the long lines on Saturday mornings Baxar is a real attraction.
  • Don’t forget to visit Miran (Evripidou 45) when you’re on Evripdou. Miran is known for its pastrami and Soutzouki but also sells other products, mostly from local small farmers in Greece. You will understand you are at Miran because the shop is completely full of plastic pieces of patrami and sausages . The history of this store goes back to the year 1922 when the store was founded by an Armenian family. The shop has expanded but still offers the quality of many years ago.


Kolonaki is the most upscale neighborhood of Athens. Here you shop at well-known brands such as Prada and Louis Vouitton, but you will also find smaller and trendy boutiques. The Greek brand APIVITA  has opened its largest and most unusual shop in Kolonaki; the APIVITA the concept store. The Neoclassical building where the shop is located embodies the unique APIVITA philosophy. It welcomes you at each of the five floors and unfolds the power of nature, the secrets and wisdom of the bee society and the rich Greek flora and the Hippocrates holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness. The store combines an organic juice bar with a natural pharmacy, a spa and a natural hair studio.

Monastiraki antique and fleemarket

Are you in Athens on a sunday? Then make sure you visit to the flea and antique market on the Avyssiniasquare at the Monastiraki area. Here you will find absolutely everything! Finished shopping? Then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at one of the roof terraces at the square with a stunning view of the Acropolis.

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