The Acropolis is the most famous monument of Athens that is why a visit can’t be missed in your city trip. When you enter the entrance gates of the Acropolis then you are actually entering the ‘holy city’ of the Gods. A visit to this sight will always have something magical. It’s something you only understand if you visited the place yourself. Besides we often get questions if you could visit the Acropolis without a guide. This is also possible and the sight will still be beautiful, but it will be a little more interesting with a guide. A archeological site will get a life when you hear stories with it.

The Acropolis with an Official English guide

I’m living in Athens for already over 10 years and I don’t visit the Acropolis many times. Surely when you work with tourists daily then you forget one’s in a while that you are a tourist yourself in your own city. Last Sunday it seemed for me to be a beautiful day to go to the rock together with my children. My 3.5 year old Nina loves to climb and Nikolaos of 10 months is the most happy when I carry him around in a baby bag.

A tour on the Acropolis

Our guide Fotini had invited Dutch and Belgium people for a tour on the Acropolis. Fotini is doing tours not only in Dutch but also in French, German and English. It seemed fun to me to go with her myself for a change. Fotini was telling her story in a very interesting way about the history of Athens and she takes you back in time with her stories. No boring facts and years but really interesting stories about the history of Athens and the Acropolis in particular.

Anafiotika and Plaka

After the stroll on the Acropolis we had decided to continue to visit the most beautiful places and we ended up in my favorite place, Anafiotika. The upside of the neighborhood Plaka is build in the style of the Greek Cyclade Islands. Small White and blue houses, small paths and a lot of colored flowers. In this neighborhood you are really away from the busy city. We ended the morning with a delicious lunch in ‘To Kafeneion’. Many restaurants in Plaka are mostly visited by tourists and are not famous for their great food. But ‘To Kafenion’ is an exception. Here you will find the most delicious mezedes ( a kind of Greek tapas). Like homemade meatballs in a delicious tomato sauce and baked cheese with a honey sauce.


Entrance fees for the Acropolis: 20,- eur (in the winter are the entrance fees 10,- eur). Children till 18 years are free and students with a recognized European students get a discount.
Entrance fees for the Acropolis museum: 5, – eur. Children till 18 years are free and students with a recognized European students pass get a discount.

Visit the Acropolis with an official English Guide?

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