Let’s Meet in Athens invites you to experience Athens in a unique way. We specialize in organizing bike and walking tours, incentives and group tours in beautiful Greece. Whether you are looking for an active exploration by bike, a customized corporate outing or a group tour full of adventure and culture, our team is ready to help you plan an unforgettable experience.

Let's meet our team

Meet the most fun team at Let's Meet in Athens - where we shape your ideal Greek adventure with passion, expertise and lots of laughter!
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Hi, I am Monique and I have been living in Greece since 2006. As a former tour guide, I chose to live in Athens and start this business. Now, together with my colleagues, I organize customized bike tours and round trips. In this way, I want to help people create wonderful memories.

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Destination Specialist

My name is Annemarie and I traded the Netherlands for Greece in 2018. I have been putting together wonderful tailor-made trips for years now. My personal favorite is the Peloponnese, but I find that every part of Greece has its own charm. Because of the versatility of the country, I am always fascinated with every travel request we receive, and always enjoy working them out!

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Destination Specialist

Hello, my name is Nina. In 2022 I took the step to move to this beautiful country. Now I help create customized tours of Greece and bicycle tours in Athens. We are focused on turning dreams into unforgettable realities and strive to provide unique and special experiences for every traveler by thinking out-of-the-box.

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Operations manager

I am Marie, a former intern at Let's Meet in Athens. After graduating, I came back to pursue my passion for Greece and sustainable tourism. Now I am in charge of bike tours and sustainability initiatives. I combine administrative duties with leading tours through Athens, with the goal of providing our guests with an unforgettable experience while exploring this beautiful city.


Why Sustainability Matters to Us

Meet in Athens’ mission is to create unique cycling and walking tours, and tailor-made programs for groups and incentives. This way, the guest discovers and experiences local life in Athens and surroundings. Our aim is to minimize the negative impacts of travel by cooperating with family-owned and small scale businesses that have a high sense of social responsibility.

The topics we focus on are:

The environment: We recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. We prioritize cycling and walking tours, reducing waste and emissions as much as possible, and strive to leave the least environmental footprint on the destination.

The community: We believe in supporting and collaborating with local businesses. By doing this, we do not only contribute to the local economy, but also ensure that our operations have a positive impact on the community and environment.

The customer: We’re dedicated to offering meaningful experiences to all our clients. By implementing sustainable practices in our tours, transportation and accommodations, we try to create an opportunity for our clients to connect with the local culture and therefore leave a positive impact on the destination.

Continuous improvement: We realize that sustainability is a constant journey. By continuous evaluation and improvement, we seek to enhance our impact in a positive way. For this, transparency is very important. Sharing the steps we have taken are therefore of utmost importance to us. If you want to learn more about it, you can read our sustainability policy here.

Recently, our efforts have been rewarded by gaining recognition as a ‘Travelife Partner’.

We believe that travelling is a fulfilling experience when it is done right: that is bonding with the local community  and the chance to make a positive impact wherever we are present.