Are you in Athens for a longer time and would like to see more of the surrounding area? There is plenty to do not too long from the capital. Wondering what the best day trips from Athens are? Then read on quickly!


Nafplion is the former capital of Greece. Less than two hours away, this is a nice city to visit from Athens. The road to Nafplio is fantastic once you leave the first part of the highway behind you. You are surrounded by beautiful mountains and slowly the scenery becomes more and more beautiful.

Once you arrive in town, there are plenty of activities. Stroll the streets, take a dip in the sea or hike up the 857 steps to the Palamidi Fortress.

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An island near Athens

Visit one of the islands close to Athens. There are plenty of islands that are less than 2 hours away by boat. Hop on a boat in Piraeus and get off in a completely different world.

One of our favorites is Poros. With the Flying Dolphin you sail for only an hour. You will find numerous cozy taverns, picturesque streets and nice stores, but also beautiful beaches are not lacking! Would you like to see some of this beautiful island and also learn to prepare delicious Greek recipes? Then our day tour of Poros is for you! Learn all about Greek cuisine during a cooking workshop and then enjoy your homemade dishes.

Another favorite is Aegina. You sail there in just 40 minutes on the Flying Dolphin. The island is known for its pistachio nuts. In Aegina town there are all stalls where you can taste and buy these nuts. The island has several attractions, of which the temple of Aphaia is the most important. But there is much more to experience on Aegina! Stroll through the small streets of the fishing village of Perdika, visit a monastery or spend your whole day on one of the beautiful beaches.

Want to spend a day relaxing? Then the island of Agkistri is for you. With its crystal clear waters and beautiful bays, you can spend a wonderful day here. Agkistri is a true paradise. Do you want to do something more active? With this self-guided bicycle tour you will discover the beautiful island at your own pace. You choose from two different routes. One where you see the whole island with its different villages, beautiful churches and the most beautiful beaches and a slightly shorter version.

Athens riviera

Rent a car and explore the Athenian coastline. The further away from the city the more beautiful the coast becomes. You will find super beautiful bays with clear blue water. To escape from the busy city, this is definitely a must. Drive on to Sounion to visit the temple of Poseidon. Tip: go a little later in the day so you can enjoy the sunset here!

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Athens is a city of delightful surprises, offering all the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure. Beyond its centuries-old historical sites, you can immerse yourself in Greek cuisine, unwind on beautiful beaches, and more. Renowned for its numerous hills, captivating rooftop bars with panoramic views, inviting restaurants, charming squares, and various other attractions, the city truly has something for everyone. To help you navigate this wealth of experiences, we've created our very own city guide. Inside, you'll find a curated collection of tips, activities, and must-visit places - everything we'd want to explore ourselves when in Athens. We're certain that after reading our guide, you'll quickly understand why we've fallen in love with this incredible city.

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