Enjoying a beautiful view with a drink in your hand. Who wouldn’t want that? The best way to do that in Athens is at one of the many rooftop bars. Are you curious what the best rooftop bars in Athens are? Today I’m sharing my favorites with you.

Attic Urban Rooftop

This rooftop sits just a bit off Monastiraki Square. You overlook the Acropolis, the Plaka neighborhood and the Ermou shopping street. The terrace is attractively decorated, almost a kind of beach club feel. The rooftop is decorated so that you can also take perfect photos there for your social media channels. With heaters galore, the terrace is also a great place to be in winter. The prices of this rooftop terrace are also just a bit lower than others.

360 Degrees

Perhaps one of Athens’ most famous rooftops. 360 Cocktail Bar can be found at Monastiraki Square. The name says it all, the best place for a cocktail with a great view! With greenery on all sides, you don’t really feel like you’re in the middle of a busy city at all. It can get very crowded here, though. If you want to be sure of a spot I recommend going on time.

Rooftop bars in Athens you don’t wanna miss

A For Athens

Right across from Monastiraki Square you will find the popular bar A for Athens. You can visit this rooftop all day for snacks and drinks. The view of the square and the Acropolis is amazing. This terrace is located higher than the others in the city, therefore you have a super view of the city. At the same time, this is also a good hotel, where you stay in perhaps the most central location in Athens.

Ergon House

Our favorite rooftop for dining! In addition to being a very nice hotel, you also eat really great here. In the restaurant that belongs to it you will also find a deli. Everything they serve here is fresh and of good quality. You can eat here in the store, but it’s much nicer on the rooftop! The food here is really top notch, and you have a great view of the Acropolis. Beware though, this rooftop is unfortunately closed in the winter.

Couleur Locale

Tucked away in one of the side streets of Monastiraki Square, you’ll find Couleur Locale. The rooftop terrace sits a little lower than the rooftops above. That doesn’t take away from the fact that even here you have an unobstructed view of the Acropolis. Besides having a drink, you can also go there for a good lunch! This place is a bit less touristy than the rooftops you find right on Monastiraki Square. As a result, the atmosphere is also quieter and more relaxed.

There are so many more rooftop bars in Athens, if you go down them all you will be busy for a while. These are my favorites, and I’m sure soon yours too!

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