Sweetness, Greeks do love it. Not surprisingly, a Greek dessert menu is full of the most delicious desserts. The sweeter the better, this seems to be the motto of the Greeks. Are you going on a city trip to Athens? Then don’t miss the chance to sink your teeth into a traditional treat. We list The 5 tastiest Greek desserts for you!

Yogurt with honey and walnuts

It should come as no surprise that yogurt with walnuts tops the list. If you’ve been to Greece before, you’ve probably been offered this dessert. This delicious dessert (which also happens to be full of health benefits) is perhaps the only dessert that is not a “quilts pleasure.


One bite of this walnut cake creates an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Deliciously fragrant spices, mole-sweet sugar syrup and fresh walnuts. Are you a lover of sweetness? Then you can’t wish for anything more than this delicious dessert. Although karidopita (karidi = walnut, pita = cake) is eaten all year round, it is especially popular in the fall. The walnut, the symbol of wisdom according to Greek mythology, is one of the seasonings of Greek cuisine during the autumn period.

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Like almost every other country, Greece has a rice dessert. The name of the Greek version of this dessert consists of two words: rizi (rice) and gala (milk). Consequently, these are the two main ingredients. They are cooked (along with cornstarch and sugar) until they take on a thick, custard-like form. The ingredients butter and egg and do not come into this traditional sweetness. Greeks prefer to sprinkle the dessert with cinnamon.


Galaktoboureko definitely belongs on the list of the 5 most delicious Greek desserts, and is all too happily served in Greek restaurants. Again, this word has two parts: gala (milk) and börek (Turkish name for various dough dishes). The preparation uses semolina and is topped with a sugar syrup.


Another dessert made up of two words. Portokali stands for orange and pita, for cake. The cake stands out because it is made from filo pastry. Filo dough torn into pieces, that is! After baking, the cake is topped with a syrup of orange juice, sugar and cinnamon.

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