When you think of Athens you probably think of sunshine, but unfortunately rainy days do occasionally occur here. Although most of the attractions in the Greek capital are outdoors, fortunately there are plenty of indoor activities, so you can have a great time on a rainy autumn day too! In this blog we show you some great tips.

Discover Athens with the best indoor activities

Stavros Niarchos

Discover the modern side of Athens and visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. This cultural center is connected to the coast with a bridge. The ultra-modern building consists of two parts. On the left you will find the new national opera house and on the right side the national library. During the free tour, you will take a look at the halls that normally remain closed to the public.

Does the sun still come out? Then a visit to the typical Greek garden is definitely worthwhile. For the children there is a nice playground. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the coastline of Athens.

The children’s museum

Are you visiting Athens with children? Then the Children’s Museum is a fun place to entertain for a few hours. The different play corners make it interesting for children from about 2 to 8 years old. For the very young there is a play corner where they can play “baker,” “butcher” or “fishmonger”. They can also have fun in the construction corner and ”grandpa and grandma’s house.” Upstairs you will find several discovery corners for older children. On weekends there are guided activities for children of different ages. You can find the current schedule on the website.


Relax in the hammam

Relax during a day at the traditional hammam and avoid the crowds. Book one of the treatments or opt for a traditional bath. After a visit to this hammam you will feel reborn!

Extensive lunch and coffee in the Thissio district

Greeks like to drink coffee extensively. Order a nice hot cappuccino or venture out for a strong Greek coffee. All Greek cafes serve free water with coffee or other drinks; it’s a service of the house. In a Greek café you can sit for hours. As a guest, you are more than welcome and, when you have already finished your drink, you are still allowed to linger. On Heraklidon street in Thissio you will find many hip coffee bars. Highly recommended is Underdog.
After coffee, you can have an extensive lunch at a mezedopolio. Mezedes are small dishes served in the middle of the table. This way you can get an extensive introduction to traditional Greek cuisine.


Save unnecessary costs and go out by metro, this is an experience in itself! For example, get off at Syntagma, Monastiraki and Acropolis metro stations. Due to the many archaeological finds made during the construction of the stations, these are actually like museums.

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