A day on Poros

An hour and a half by boat from Athens, in the Saronic Gulf, lies the island of Poros. The two smaller islands, Sferia and Kalavria, make up Poros paradise, home to Dutch Rik and his Greek wife Katerina. Katerina herself was born and raised on Poros and knows the island like the back of her hand. Together they run a hotel, bistro and glamping. On top of that, they organize various activities on and around the island to suit all kinds of desires.

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What will the day look like? 

At 9 a.m., the Flying Dolphin boat leaves from the port of Piraeus for Poros, where you will arrive at a quarter past 10.At the port of Poros, Katerina will be there to meet you, after which she will take you for a walk through the town. During the walk, you’ll visit the market to purchase items for your (self-prepared) lunch, whereafter you will go to the bistro where the cooking workshop will take place. With nearly 10 years of experience teaching cooking classes, Katerina knows both traditional and modern Greek dishes.During all these years, her daughter Dora has often helped out, so she too knows all the tricks of the trade.Together with you they conjure great dishes on your plate. 

After lunch there is time to enjoy the beautiful island. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear for a refreshing dip in the clear blue water!At 5 p.m. the boat leaves again for Piraeus.

Rik and Katerina also organize all kinds of other activities. Click here for a sporty day on Poros. Do you prefer to spend your day in a different way? Then contact us for the possibilities.

Sea kayaking 

For anyone who likes to try something new, sea kayaking is highly recommended. This relatively new sport offers the ultimate freedom. You are close to nature and can enjoy the beautiful turquoise seawater and the coastline of Poros. The waters of the Saronic Gulf are perfect for mastering sea kayaking but are certainly also suitable for advanced sailors. This is also a great way for children to explore the nature of Poros. Everything is conducted under the supervision of a BCU level 3 sea coach at all times. 

Suppen (Stand-up paddleboarding)

Another emerging sport is known as ‘supping,’ where you stand on a board and navigate the water by paddling. With supping, waves aren’t necessary, so you can engage in this sport at any time. This activity takes place at the stunning beach of Askeli, allowing you to relish beautiful views while stand-up paddling.

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