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Bike tours Athens

How long is the tour?

All our tours are approximately 3 hours.

How do I get to the office?

By public transport: The closest metro station is Thissio. This stop is part of the green line of the metro network. From here, it is approximately 10 minutes walking to get to our office.

By car: Parking is possible in the area of our office, although we do recommend to not leave any personal things in the car. You can find the closest parkingParkeren kan in de buurt van het kantoor, al raden we hier aan geen persoonlijke spullen in de auto te laten wegens diefstal. Find the nearest paid parking here.

Is it possible to book an e-bike?

It is certainly possible to book an e-bike. However, because of limited availability, it can happen that with last-minute bookings, it is no longer possible. If there are no availabilities, you will be informed about this before the tour. The cost of an e-bike is €20 per bike extra.

Do you have bottles of water?

Because of the sustainability policy, we switched to a water tank. Therefore, we recommend to bring your own bottle and fill it in our office.

How intense is the tour?

Of course, there are hills in Athens. However, we did our utmost best to adapt the route, so the bike tour can be a pleasant experience.

What is the minimum age for doing the tour?

Our tours are perfect for both young and old! For small children, child seats are available for all ages.

What happens when there is heavy rainfall or extreme heat?

It does not happen a lot, but also in Athens it rains sometimes. The tours Het komt niet veel voor, maar ook in Athene regent het soms. The tours will continue as usual in case of rain. In case the tour is cancelled because of the weather conditions, you will be informed. In case of extreme heat, the tour schedule may be adjusted accordingly.

Are children allowed on an e-bike?

Our rule is that children 14 years and older are allowed on an e-bike. At younger ages this is unfortunately not possible for safety reasons.

How dangerous is biking in Athens?

Sadly, Athens is not (yet) a bicycle city. This results in the fact that there are no bike lanes, which makes us bike on the streets and sidewalks. Of course, we have experience with these situations, so we created the most safe routes in the city for the tours. We perfectly know where to bike and where not, so you are very safe with us!

What languages are the tours offered in?

Our tours are available in Dutch, English and German. This allows you to choose in which language you feel most comfortable to get all the information.

Groups and incentives

How can I request a quote?

You can contact us through this page.

Is there a maximum size for a group?

We have helped many groups of all sizes over the years. We can look at group sizes and everyone’s needs together.

Is it only possible to organize an incentive in Athens?

We specialize in incentives in Athens. However, if desired, we sometimes try to exchange the city for an island or other place outside the city. This depends entirely on the wishes of your group!