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During the cooking lesson you’ll learn everything about Greek cuisine and the secrets of Greek recipes. You will receive an explanation about the preparation of a number of authentic Greek recipes and will then start working with the preparation under the watchful eye of an experienced chef. You will of course enjoy your own prepared meal with all other students afterwards.

2-hour cooking class

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 19.00-21.00

Price per person: € 70


3 – 3.5 hour cooking class in the center of Athens

During this cooking workshop you will learn how to make the dough yourself for a homemade pita and how to make a real Greek salad. As a main course you make, depending on the season, ‘papoutsakia’ (eggplants stuffed with tomato and feta) or fried chicken with peppers. Of course you can not miss the dessert either, you will either receive lessons in preparing a ‘galaktoboureko’, a real Greek delicacy of filo pastry filled with vanilla custard pudding or chocolate mousse.

Price: 1-5 people: € 85, 6-10 people: € 75, 11-19 people: € 65, 20 or more people: € 55

The companies we work with for the cooking classes both work with local Greek products in order to promote Greek gastronomy and to offer the best quality.

In addition to the cooking lessons, we also offer various tastings.


Olive oil tasting

The Greeks were the first to grow olive trees in the Mediterranean. Since then, the olive tree is an essential part of Greek cuisine. Olives and olive oil are the most important elements of the widely acclaimed Mediterranean diet. It is connected with ancient Greek civilization, mythology and tradition. During this tasting you will learn everything about selecting the olives, the mythological tales, taste the best extra virgin olive oil, but above all you will learn how to integrate this superfood into your daily diet.

Monday to Sunday 18:30

Duration: 40 min

Price per person: € 25

Reserve at least 1 day in advance


Wine tasting

Enjoy a unique wine experience under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. Taste some of the best known Greek wines, discover different grapes from various regions from Greece and learn to recognize their subtle nuances. The wines are presented with a cheese plate.


On request

Price per person: € 40 for a tasting of 60 minutes, € 50 for a tasting of 90 minutes

In addition to the aforementioned tastings, it is also possible to organize a different tasting of Greek products, such as a tasting of pita bread or Greek coffee. For more information about the possibilities you can always contact us by mail.

Would you like to combine a cooking workshop with a visit to a beautiful Greek island? We also offer a cooking workshop on the island of Poros, click here for more information.

The above prices are based on participation in the daily tastings / workshops that take place. Of course it is also possible to book a tasting or workshop privately, prices are available on request.


Pay cash upon arrival

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