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Near Athens, in the Saronic Gulf, you find the island of Poros, about an hour away from the port of Piraeus when taking the fast boat. The island actually consists of two smaller islands, Sferia and Kalavria, which are connected with a bridge. Sferia is a volcanic island on which the capital city of Poros is built. Kalavria is a larger, beautiful green island where almost all beaches are.

On the island ,Dutchman Rik lives with his Greek wife Katerina, who was born and raised on Poros. Together they run a hotel and bistro and in addition they organize all sorts of activities on the island.

What does the day look like?

At 9 o’clock in the morning the flying dolphin departs from Piraeus port to Poros, where you arrive at a quarter past 10. From the port you will go to the bike rental to pick up your bike. A cycling tour is a must as an activity on this beautiful island. The island of Poros lends itself perfectly for a number of beautiful bike rides through the mountains and along the coast. The bike tours can be fully adapted to everyone’s wishes, so they are suitable for experienced cyclists as well as for people who do not cycle that often. You will receive a map as well as route suggestions. A guided bike tour is also possible for an additional charge of 30, -pp After the bike ride you stop for a delicious lunch at the bistro of Rik and Katerina. At the bistro they only cook with fresh products, no fuss but simple dishes of high quality. In the large open kitchen cooking workshops are organized on a regular basis, read more about these workshops here. After lunch you can choose from a number of activities.

Sea kayaking

For anyone who likes trying something new, sea kayaking is highly recommended. This relatively new sport offers you the ultimate freedom. You are close to nature and are able to enjoy the beautiful turquoise sea water and the coastline of Poros. The waters of the Saronic Gulf are ideally suited to master sea kayaking but are also suitable for advanced skiers. It is also a great way for children to discover the nature of Poros. All sea kayak activities are carried out at all times under the supervision of a BCU level 3 sea coach.

Standup paddleboarding

Another new sport that is emerging is the so-called supping where you stand on a board and paddle all over the water. In order to sup you do not need waves, so you can always practice this sport. This activity is carried out on the beautiful beach of Askeli, so while supping you can enjoy a beautiful view.

What does it cost?

The cost for the day is 140, -pp This includes the boat tickets, cycling, lunch and chosen activity. Not into sports? Rik and Katerina also organize all sorts of other activities. For example, Katerina and her daughter Dora organize cooking workshops, click here for a day of cooking on Poros. Do you prefer to fill in your day another way? Please do not hesitate to contact us for further possibilities.


Pay cash upon arrival

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